A bit of us


Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.
Degree in Environmental Science from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Hertfordshire in England.
Advanced Studies Diploma (equivalent to master) from the painting department of the UB.
Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate (CAP).
Professor of Industrial and traditional graphic techniques , technical drawing and 3ds Max to School of Design of the Balearic Islands ( years 2010-2012 ).
Graphic Designer.
Stamping technique AT 6A Workshop and Gallery.
She also has performed and participated in many exhibitions of graphic and video art in France, Portugal, Berlin, London and Spain.


Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.
Graduated in Graphic Design and Illustration for the Escola Massana in Barcelona.
She has worked as a graphic designer in Barcelona and Mallorca, winning several design awards in both cities, and has also been a lecturer in the School of Design of the Balearic Islands for over three decades.
Director and founder of  Auca for editing and printing and collaborated with Pere Quetglas “Xam” and Ariel Art Gallery in printing and publishing prints and serigraphs of famous artists.
She worked for the Museum of Mallorca in restoring printing plates and engravings.
She has done several exhibitions of graphic art and photography.